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Domestic Violence Vineland NJDomestic Violence Lawyers In Vineland, NJ

Your abuser could be your husband, or your wife. It could be someone with whom you reside, or resided with in the past. It could be an old boyfriend or girlfriend, with whom you terminated a relationship. It could be the father of your unborn child.

Whoever it may be, you need protection, and you need it now.

The domestic violence attorneys at the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio have been providing legal protection to residents of Vineland suffering from abuse for over forty years. Hoffman DiMuzio has heard the heartbreaking stories from victims of domestic assault and has the experience, knowledge and expertise to assist and expedite solutions to end the nightmare.

The Domestic Violence Legal Process In Vineland NJ

Hoffman DiMuzio's domestic violence attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Franklinville office, less than ten miles from Vineland, NJ.

Hoffman DiMuzio's domestic violence attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Franklinville office, less than ten miles from Vineland, NJ.

If you are a resident of Vineland, or of the surrounding counties of Gloucester, Camden, or Salem counties, empower yourself by contacting Hoffman DiMuzio to schedule a consultation with one of the skilled domestic violence attorneys in any one of their six conveniently located offices.

Your attorney will explain your rights and protections under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act, and will proceed aggressively to represent you in the manner set forth below:

  • Finding safe haven for you and your children is the first priority.
  • Restricting contact and preventing future harassment by the abuser by means of a restraining order. Your domestic violence attorney will file the application directly with the Court.
  • A legal separation agreement or divorce will also be filed with the Court.
  • A financial plan for you and your children will be set up to protect you from financial insecurity when you leave the abusive household.
  • Custody rights and visitation plans will be constructed and enforced.
  • Your input and approval is vital to the process.

What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

In the event you are accused of committing domestic violence, you, too, will need aggressive representation to fight the assault charges made against you. Your reputation is at stake, which will impact your relationship with your children. Your knowledgeable Hoffman DiMuzio attorney will stand with you in court and present all evidence in your favor.

Likewise, if you have been accused of violating a New Jersey restraining order, proper representation is your best chance to avoid criminal charges being filed against you.

Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney In Vineland

Twenty-four people in the US per minute experience domestic violence by an intimate partner. Victims of domestic violence, as well as those who repeatedly witness abuse, are damaged physically and emotionally. Even after the physical scars heal, the consequences of psychological trauma could last a lifetime.

Do not allow the condition to escalate; the damage could become irreparable. There most certainly is a way out of a violent household. It is your right – and your responsibility – to strive for a peaceful existence, for you and your children.

To schedule a consultation with an experience domestic violence attorney in Vineland, NJ, call 856.637.3000 or fill out a quick online contact form. The domestic violence lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio will be happy to meet to at any of its six office locations, whichever is most convenient for you.

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