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Estate Planning In NJ

We must acknowledge that aging and death are a part of every person’s life, and yet so many of us fail to take the simple steps to be prepared.  Having the appropriate estate planning documents in place will protect both your wishes and your family from facing difficult situations ranging end of life decisions to the possibility of estate litigation.

Estate Planning: Last Will And Testament

Who will administer my estate after I pass away?

Who will receive my assets that are leave behind?

A defined, yet simple Will that is drafted by a knowledgeable attorney will help to:

  • answer these questions about your estate
  • simplify the NJ probate process
  • help avoid family disputes

At Hoffman DiMuzio, we take the time to learn about your personal situation so that we can draft a Will that is tailored for you and your particular circumstances.

Did you know that not all of your assets may be controlled by what you write in your Will? 

The estate planning attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio will provide you with advice on how assets in joint names or with beneficiary designations may transfer, using trusts to protect minor or disabled children, and how New Jersey and Pennsylvania Inheritance Taxes may impact your Estate.

Estate Planning: Power Of Attorney

Many of us have had the experience of trying to assist another person in need, only to be denied access because they were unavailable at the time.

What is a Power Of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney authorizes another person of your choosing to act on your behalf even if you are not there to speak for yourself.

A properly drafted Power of Attorney can enable another person to speak for you concerning your assets, such as a home, bank accounts, or a car; or with a doctor regarding your care, among many other areas of life.

Having a Power of Attorney in place will generally allow you to avoid the expense and difficulty of filing for Guardianship in Court.

At Hoffman DiMuzio, an experienced estate planning attorney will draft a Power of Attorney document for you that is effective and addresses your individual needs.

Estate Planning: Living Will

Should I have a living will?

Having a valid Living Will is essential to make sure your end-of-life wishes are followed.

Many people feel that they do not want to endure the possible pain and expense of life support or other similar mechanisms, while others want to make sure they utilize every mechanism that may help them.

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will empowers you to make the decision about your treatment even when you cannot speak for yourself.  With a properly drafted Living Will, your family will be relieved of the burden associated with making these decisions. Having a living will ensures that your family will know with certainty your wishes, and will simply be honoring the decisions you have made.

Why Should I Hire An Estate Attorney At Hoffman DiMuzio?

At Hoffman DiMuzio, we strive to make sure that the concerns and interests of our Estate clients, like all of our clients, have been addressed and that they are able to leave with a sense of relief knowing they took steps to protect their futures.

Our firm utilizes the knowledge and experience gained from over thirty-five years representing clients from around the South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia area.

Finding An Estate Attorney Nearby In New Jersey

Hoffman DiMuzio has you covered with multiple convenient locations:

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Hoffman DiMuzio's estate planning lawyers will be happy to meet you at any one of its six office locations; whichever is most convenient for you.

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