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Workers Compensation Woodbury


  • Repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel, back injuries)
  • Overexertion (pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying)
  • Business transportation (accidents within the scope of your job)
  • Falls on slippery office floors
  • Falls from a higher level (roofs, ladders, scaffolding)
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures or toxic substances
  • Caught in or by dangerous machines
  • Struck by object (falling from shelves or dropped by a co-worker)

Above is just a sampling of common work-related injuries which can cause major disability affecting a worker’s employment and personal life. If you are a resident of Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey, you are a stone’s throw away from the experience, empathy and expertise of the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio.


The workers’ compensation team of lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio will guide you through what can be a difficult process if you go it alone or choose an inexperienced attorney. Your community has been coming to Hoffman DiMuzio for workers’ compensation representation for over 25 years.

First, your employer must be notified of the injury as soon as possible. Secondly, begin all necessary medical treatment, and document all medical providers you have seen. You should record all the details of the accident, including the names and addresses of all witnesses. You should then contact Hoffman DiMuzio for a consultation free of charge to discuss and initiate your workers’ compensation claim.

Workers Comp Lawyers Near Woodbury NJ

Hoffman DiMuzio has offices in your hometown of Woodbury, as well as in Deptford Township, Washington Township, Sicklerville and Vineland. If your work location or medical provider is in Philadelphia, Hoffman DiMuzio can accommodate you in their center city office as well.

The Workers Compensation Process

After assessing your claim, the workers’ compensation attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio will begin the process of applying for benefits in accordance with your workers’ comp insurance plan. If for whatever reason your claim is denied, or if it is approved for less than you deserve under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, your workers’ compensation lawyer will provide vigorous representation to correct the wrong. Likewise, if the insurance company attempts to terminate benefits previously approved, you will be aggressively defended.

Hiring A Work Injury Attorney Near Woodbury

You and your family need and deserve the skills and practical experience of the workers’ compensation team of Hoffman DiMuzio. Whether the benefits you seek are temporary benefits, total disability benefits, permanent partial disability, or a death benefit, Hoffman DiMuzio will come through for you with effective and expeditious counsel.

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