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sicklerville-bankruptcy-lawyerBankruptcy Lawyers In Sicklerville, New Jersey

Sicklerville in Camden County, New Jersey is home to more than 51,000 residents and is situated within the township of Winslow. Very strong in community services, it is no wonder that the annual resident turnover is remarkably low.

People work very hard to live here in Sicklerville, grow their families here, and base their livelihood success stories here. So when financial hardship strikes, so does the fear of possibly having to leave here.

The law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio has seen the effects of gradual or sudden financial loss in Sicklerville, Camden County, as well as in surrounding counties. The specialized bankruptcy attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio have provided bankruptcy services in Sicklerville NJ as well as the surrounding counties of Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic and Cumberland counties in New Jersey, as well as in Philadelphia, since 1978.

Solutions And Guidance From Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys 

If you live in Sicklerville and are at a point where you must seek advice from the trained Sicklerville bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio, the first step toward a solution is to gather your records, such as:

  • pay stubs
  • tax returns
  • retirement documents
  • credit card statements
  • correspondence from collection agencies

Then call Hoffman DiMuzio for a consultation at 856.637.3000. Your assigned bankruptcy lawyer will explain your options clearly and precisely.

Will I Lose My Home If I File For Bankruptcy In Sicklerville?

Hoffman DiMuzio's Sicklerville bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Turnersville location, just minutes away.

Hoffman DiMuzio's Sicklerville bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Turnersville location, just minutes away.

Income, assets and the amount of debt will determine the course of your road to recovery.

If you have little to no disposable income, you may qualify for filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Your credit card debt and medical bills, known as unsecured debt, will most likely be wiped clean by a process known as liquidation.

Your primary residence and basic necessities may not be used to pay your debt, so most likely you will not lose your home.

Individuals, families and small businesses who have enough income to pay off a portion of the debt will be guided by the Hoffman DiMuzio Sicklerville bankruptcy attorney who, with your input, will carefully construct an appropriate repayment plan.

You and your lawyer will then strategically reorganize your finances into a more manageable plan for the future.

Sicklerville Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help With Debt Collectors

The skilled Sicklerville bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio know full well their clients’ stress as they fall victim to the tactics of creditors’ representatives taking action to collect on a debt. Once bankruptcy is filed, your lawyer will petition the court for an “automatic stay”, preventing all future phone calls or letters which obstruct any semblance of a peaceful existence.

Get The Bankruptcy Help You Deserve

If your debt exceeds your income and the value of your assets, your financial situation belongs in the hands of the experienced, proven and trustworthy bankruptcy attorneys of Hoffman DiMuzio, with five offices conveniently located in South Jersey and one in Philadelphia.

Get relief by learning the options available to you. This law firm has seen it all, and can take it from here.

To schedule a free bankruptcy consultation, please call 856.637.3000. Or, fill out a quick online contact form and a representative will reach out to your shortly.

Disclaimer: please note this page was written to provide information about the law and is not legal advice. Click here to read more about our disclaimer and our fees and services.

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