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How To Prevent Date Rape

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Date Rape.” When we hear the term “date rape” we think of the unsuspecting young co-ed at a party or nightclub having her drink spiked with a sedative rendering her unconscious and vulnerable to the sexual advances of her predator. However, this atrocious conduct is not exclusive to frat… Read More »

Tips Before You Book That Vacation Rental

Are you going down the shore this weekend?  We’ll be down the shore next week.  For people from Philly and South Jersey, “down the shore” is where we go during the summer.  While it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the beach, it definitely means being at one of the great South Jersey shore communities for… Read More »

What You Need To Know About N.J. Bicycle Laws

Many of us put away our bikes when we were old enough to drive a car.   Cars meant freedom.  The freedom to choose our destination.   However, bike riding allows us to enjoy the journey while being outdoors free from distraction. Recently, bicycling has enjoyed an upswing in popularity.  According to the U.S. Census, the number… Read More »

Penalties for DUI in N.J. – What you need to know

As we all know, the decisions we make have consequences.  It is a package deal.  Sometimes we don’t know the extent of the consequences when we make a decision but they are there nevertheless. Nowhere is this truer than drinking and driving.  While we know getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks is… Read More »

Distracted Driving And Community Awareness

This week Your Legal Corner discusses “Distracted Driving and Community Awareness.” When we are in the midst of a crisis, it is sometimes difficult to see progress being made. However, statistics can sometimes help us determine whether we are headed in the right direction. According to, drunk driving fatalities have declined by 53% from… Read More »

Distracted Driving And The Law

This week Your Legal Corner discusses “Distracted Driving and the Law.” Any loss of life is tragic. When someone passes away at an advanced age, we understand this is the circle of life and we celebrate the life they have lived. However, some losses are more tragic than others. When someone dies as a result… Read More »

Water Safety

This week Your Legal Corner discusses “Water Safety.” Jaws was the first summer blockbuster movie ever made where many of us became fearful of what lurked beneath the water. From the opening notes to the theme song to iconic lines such as “we’re gonna need a bigger boat,” Jaws made sharks everyone’s greatest fear about… Read More »

How To Protect Your Kids During The Summer

This week Your Legal Corner discusses “safe summer and your children.” The school year is starting to wind down which means summer is right around the corner. As the temperature increases, so do trips to the emergency room for children during summer vacation. According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, the four-month period from May… Read More »

How To Keep Kids Safe Around Guns

Gun laws are one of the most polarizing issues in the United States.  While the right to bear arms and the history of this country are inextricably connected, the number of accidental shootings is astounding.  However, the one gun issue everyone seems to agree on is the need to decrease the number of accidental shootings… Read More »

How to minimize the high cost of dying

This week Your Legal Corner discusses “How to minimize the high cost of dying.” In a irreverent Monty Python comedy skit about death in the middle ages, a caretaker yells ‘bring out your dead!” as he takes a cart filled with dead bodies through a village. Somebody carries out an elderly man to throw in… Read More »

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