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Estate litigation refers to disputes that arise from the administration of a deceased person’s estate. During this process, any person having a claim against the estate is given the opportunity to file a claim with the Court. The Executor or Administrator of the estate can approve the claim, paying it out of the estate funds. However, sometimes the Executor or Administrator may dispute the claim and litigation may arise regarding its validity.

Will Contests

Additionally, estate litigation often takes the form of a Will contest. A Will contest is a formal objection to the validity of a Will on the basis that the Will does not reflect the intent of the person making the Will, or someone may argue that the Testator lacked the requisite mental capacity to make the Will, that the Testator was unduly influenced in the making of the Will, or even that the Will itself is a forgery.

The attorneys of Hoffman DiMuzio have extensive experience in representing both executors/administrators and prospective beneficiaries in making sure their interests are protected and true intent of the testator is respected..

Completion of the Estate and/or Replacing an Executor or Administrator

Lastly, sometimes a representative of an estate, an Executor or Administrator, will not move ahead to conclude the estate in a timely fashion. In these cases, our attorneys can apply to the Court to force the estate representative to complete the estate, or be replaced by an individual who will conclude the estate honestly and quickly.

While it is true that most estates will go through the probate process without any problems; in the event of a dispute, it is critical to have an attorney who is knowledgeable and well-practiced in estate litigation fighting for you.

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