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Additional Occupational Risks Accompany Winter Weather

In certain jobs, occupational hazards are not consistent throughout the year, with weather changes contributing to heightened risk factors during certain months. The ice, rain and snow that characterize New Jersey winters and the temperature dips that accompany this precipitation can create a dangerous mix for those whose positions require them to spend prolonged periods… Read More »

Workers’ Comp Fraud Is Latest Wave of Hurricane Sandy Damage

While the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is upon us, investigators of a special task force are still discovering the devastating aspects of this unprecedented superstorm. Indeed, cleanup and recovery efforts have helped thousands of residents of the eastern seaboard put their lives and homes back together, but the damage may be more than physical…. Read More »

Overuse and Repetitive Strain: Workers’ Comp Not Only for Accidents

Throughout the years, Deion Sanders has made a name for himself on and off the field, as a professional athlete, fledgling recording artist, and now as a workplace safety advocate. In his latest role, Sanders is bringing to light the repetitive injuries players in the National Football League (NFL) regularly sustain, including brain trauma, concussions,… Read More »

The Flaming Pig and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

Imagine this: You are working as a server at a wedding hall in northern New Jersey when your boss tells you that you are on flaming pig duty that night.  You and a young co-worker, who have never flambéed anything in your lives, proceed to wheel a flaming pig into the wedding hall.  All of… Read More »

Are You Covered by the Workers’ Compensation Laws in New Jersey?

If you or someone you know is injured on the job, one of the first questions to be answered is whether or not there is actually coverage under the Workers’ Compensation law.  All employers in New Jersey, except for certain governmental entities, must carry insurance coverage for their employees.  The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law… Read More »

Are You Covered by the Workers’ Compensation Laws in New Jersey While Commuting to Work?

Generally, the answer is no. In New Jersey, injuries sustained commuting to or from work are usually not covered by Workers’ Compensation Laws. The law in New Jersey states that employment starts when an employee arrives at the employer’s place of employment to report for work and terminates when the employee leaves the employer’s place… Read More »

Workers’ Compensation Extended for Spouses of Emergency Personnel

Police and fire personnel are regularly exposed to significant dangers while trying to keep other citizens safe and free from harm — as a result, some are tragically killed or injured on the job. In recognition of the service provided by such officers, New Jersey has recently extended an existing system that provides for ongoing… Read More »

Wonder Product N-Propyl Bromide May Cause Worker’s Injuries

Most industrial products are subjected to rigorous testing before being certified as safe and ready for use. However, it is not until they are actually used that the true effect of a product can be ascertained. In addition, chemicals designed for one use are found suitable for others. Others are also blaming one such chemical,… Read More »

Workers Compensation Warning: The Dangers of Sitting at Your Desk

Cathleen Renner, a 25-year veteran of AT&T, died in 2007 from a blood clot that formed in her leg and made its way to her lungs.  Renner’s husband filed a workers’ compensation claim, alleging that his wife’s fatal blood clot originated from long hours of overnight work sitting at her desk. Last year, a New… Read More »

Settling Disagreements Over Workers Compensation Benefits

If you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation should cover you for lost wages and for medical expenses and possibly for permanent disability benefits.  Sometimes, however, either the insurance carrier or your employer denies your entitlement to the benefits you are claiming.  They may disagree about whether your injury or illness is work-related and… Read More »

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