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Wonder Product N-Propyl Bromide May Cause Worker’s Injuries

Most industrial products are subjected to rigorous testing before being certified as safe and ready for use. However, it is not until they are actually used that the true effect of a product can be ascertained. In addition, chemicals designed for one use are found suitable for others. Others are also blaming one such chemical, n-Propyl Bromide, or nPB, hailed by some as a wonder multi-purpose product, for causing countless workplace diseases.

nPB has many uses, including:

  • As glue for sticking together foam for couches
  • In dry cleaners for removing stains without water
  • For removing dirt from metal objects in automobile garages

Some claim nPB causes injury

Workers exposed to nPB over a lengthy period have reported health issues that they claim are linked to its use. Some workers have complained that the chemical causes damage to nerve endings if it is inhaled, resulting in conditions such as headaches, nausea and dizziness as well as more severe injuries including visual impairment and paresthesia (loss of feeling, or tingling in one's limbs).

Other users say it is safe in small quantities

Employees who are exposed to the product usually have little say in whether it is used. The product is used often, as employers find it to be an effective solvent that is cheaper than many of the alternatives. It has also been lauded as environmentally friendly as it does not contain CFCs, which have been attributed to ozone depletion. The product has been deemed safe by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). However, the lobby of workers now saying that they have been exposed to it for unsafe periods has prompted an investigation by the EPA, which is currently taking place.

The long-term effects of exposure to nPB are not yet fully known. If you believe that you have been injured as a result of exposure to nPB or other dangerous chemicals then you may have a claim for personal injury or workplace compensation. Hoffman DiMuzio is a New Jersey law firm experienced in handling workplace injury claims. We have six offices covering southern and central New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

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