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Bankruptcy Lawyers In Washington TownshipBankruptcy Lawyers In Washington Township, NJ

Here in Washington Township, NJ, 48,000 residents are blessed with 23 square miles of outstanding retail and professional opportunities, social services and recreational programs.

Washington Township is, all in all, an exceptional environment in Gloucester County for raising families and for professional and personal achievement. It is no wonder that when financial difficulties befall any Washington Township resident, the result is stress, anxiety and fear. No one wants to face the possibility that they can no longer live in this town, or in their home.

The skilled Washington Township bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio know full well how vulnerable and unprotected one feels when their financial security is in jeopardy, especially after meticulous planning and the best of intentions. The Hoffman DiMuzio law firm has been providing bankruptcy services to individuals, families and businesses in south Jersey and Philadelphia since 1978.

Let the bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio help pull you out of your financial quagmire with their proven expertise in bankruptcy matters.

Recovering From Bankruptcy

Contacting the bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio is the first step toward helping yourself recover from insolvency. You will be directed toward the options open to you, and what protections may be afforded you under federal bankruptcy regulations.

Typically a debtor will file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Income, assets and the amount of debt will determine which route is best given your specific set of circumstances.

Understanding Bankruptcy In Washington Township 

Washington Township Bankruptcy Offices

Hoffman DiMuzio's bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet with you at their Washington Township office location.

If you have little to no income at your disposal, you may qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Credit card debt and medical bills, or unsecured debt, will most likely be liquidated, or wiped clean. Your home and other basic necessities may not be used to pay off the debt, so in most cases, you will remain in your own residence in Washington Township.

If you have some income to pay back a portion of the debt, you may qualify to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. A repayment plan carefully constructed by you and your attorney reorganizes your finances into a more manageable plan.

Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy attorneys will also see to it that once bankruptcy is filed, all harassment from creditors by phone and by mail will cease and desist. Your lawyer will petition the court for an “automatic stay” until the bankruptcy case is finished or dismissed.

Getting Help From A Washington Township Bankruptcy Attorney

Excellent counsel by lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio will have you back on track so that the stress and strain of financial hardship is relieved in good time. Their proven expertise is available to you with just a phone call to one of their five conveniently located offices – including Washington Township – as well as in Philadelphia.

Don’t shoulder the burden alone when you can have the best by your side. Contact a proven Washington Township bankruptcy attorney today by calling 856.637.3000.

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