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Deptford Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyers In Deptford, NJ

If you live in Deptford New Jersey, or in the surrounding counties of Camden, Salem and Cumberland counties, you are accessible to any one of six offices of the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio and the firm's local Deptford domestic violence attorneys.

If you are a victim of the verbal, physical, emotional and sexual trauma of domestic violence, you need to get help as soon as possible, and safeguard your family.

  • “It only happens when he drinks.”
  • “She’s been under a lot of pressure at work.”
  • “It’s my fault. I provoked him.”
  • “He can’t help it. He hasn’t been sleeping well.”

These are not reasons for condoning domestic violence. They are excuses, and they are not valid. Domestic violence cannot be condoned. 

Help With Domestic Violence In Deptford NJ

Domestic Violence Lawyers Deptford

Hoffman DiMuzio's domestiv violence attorneys will meet you at any of its six office locations, including its office right in Woodbury, just minutes from Deptford.

Drawing from over forty years of expertise in the practice area of domestic violence, the skilled attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio are eminently qualified to guide you out of your household hell and lead you to a brighter future, where fear and violence have no part.

Whether your abuser is a spouse, a former lover, a former member of your household, or the parent of your unborn child, the behavior must be stopped immediately. Read on to learn how.

Deptford Domestic Violence Legal Process

Your domestic violence lawyer will use all the legal tools available to bring the violence to an end, usually in this order:

  • Safe haven for you and your children is first priority.
  • All contact with the abuser and all means of harassment will be limited after your attorney files for a restraining order with the Court.
  • You will decide whether to file for a legal separation or divorce.
  • Your attorney will help you construct a financial plan to provide security for you and the children.
  • Your input will be respected.

If you yourself have been accused of committing domestic violence, your reputation, your job, and your future relationship with your children are in serious jeopardy. Hoffman DiMuzio has the expertise to deal with such situations, and will vigorously challenge the accusations against you.

If you have been accused of violating a New Jersey restraining order, the goal is aggressive representation to avoid having to face criminal charges at all cost.

Your Rights During Domestic Violence Cases

Secondary only to protecting your life are your parental rights. Your children need you to protect them from the danger of an explosive mentality. You need to know they are safe at all times.

Your best assurance of accomplishing these goals is competent, experienced and rigorous representation by the domestic violence attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio.

To schedule a consultation with a Deptford domestic violence lawyer, call 856.637.3000 or fill out an online contact form. Hoffman DiMuzio's domestic violence attorneys will be happy to meet you at its office closest to Deptford in Woodbury, or, at any of its other five office locations; whichever is most convenient for you!

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