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Domestic Violence Attorneys In Mantua Township

If you are a victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse in the household, and have not taken the necessary steps to end the violence in your own home, you have closed your eyes to the ticking time bomb which could destroy your family’s mental and physical wellbeing. Your story is not significantly different from the twenty-four victims in the US per minute who experience the terror of domestic violence.

If you are a resident of Mantua Township in Gloucester County, New Jersey, or in the surrounding counties of Camden, Cumberland and Salem, you are within a short distance of one of the six office locations of the firm of Hoffman DiMuzio. The domestic violence lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio have been aiding those in the chokehold of domestic violence since 1978. These are specialists who have seen it all, heard it all, and have the expertise to pull you out of your impossible situation.

Getting Domestic Violence Help

Domestic Violence Mantua Township

Hoffman DiMuzio's Mantua Township domestic violence lawyers are available to meet you at the Sewell office just minutes away!

Whatever your fears, uncertainties or concerns, the domestic violence attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio will offer real solutions, and utilize the legal tools available under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act. You are entitled to certain rights and protections, including the following:

  • immediate safe haven for you and the children;
  • limited contact with the abuser and protection from harassment by filing for a NJ restraining order;
  • legal separation or divorce granted by the Court;
  • a financial plan designed to provide security for you and the children upon leaving the abusive household;
  • construction of enforceable custody rights and visitation plans.

Domestic Violence Wrongful Accusations

If you have been accused of committing domestic violence in Mantua Township, or of having violated a NJ restraining order, it is vital that you seek competent and vigorous representation. With the skilled and experienced domestic violence lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio by your side in Court, the potential damage to your job, your reputation and your future relationship with your children will be kept to a minimum. Should you be facing criminal charges, Hoffman DiMuzio will stand with you and present all evidence In your favor.

Hiring Domestic Violence Attorneys In Mantua Township

Your family needs to be safe. The abuser needs help, the kind that only a professional can give. Find the courage to take the first steps toward healing. Whether your tormentor is your spouse, an old lover, a former or current member of the household, or the parent of an unborn child, you must take control.

With the help and guidance of the professionals at Hoffman DiMuzio, you will end the violence and begin to live the peaceful existence you so richly deserve.

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