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Deptford Workers Comp Lawyers


A work-related injury, whether it be from a traumatic accident or an occupational disease, changes your life in an instant. Your health as well as your financial picture changes drastically when you can no longer work. Your family’s security at stake, you embark on unsteady ground when you apply for benefits, and are at the mercy of your employer’s insurance company and workers’ comp physicians.

What To Do After A Work Injury In Deptford

If you retain an attorney inexperienced in the workers’ compensation area of practice, you are risking that appropriate attention may not be paid to this detailed and technical process. The workers’ compensation specialists at the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio have a broad based level of experience in this field where hardly anything comes as a surprise.

Proven success has rendered Hoffman DiMuzio a leading legal expert in workers’ compensation matters, which is why members of your community in Deptford, Gloucester County, New Jersey, have sought their expertise for over 25 years. With five South Jersey offices, Hoffman DiMuzio is in close proximity to residents of Deptford and offer superior representation.

THE Workers Comp PROCESS

After scheduling your consultation with Hoffman DiMuzio at no charge, the workers’ compensation experts will make certain you have already reported your injury to your employer. Hopefully you will have begun necessary medical treatment, and kept a record of all medical providers you have seen to date. After assessing your claim, the process of applying for benefits in accordance with your workers’ comp insurance plan will be initiated.

How Deptford Workers Comp Attorney Can Help

If for whatever reason your claim is denied, or if it is approved for less than New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law allows, you will be aggressively represented by your Hoffman DiMuzio attorney to correct the wrong. Many times the employer’s insurance company will terminate benefits prematurely. Hoffman DiMuzio will vigorous defend your rights to every dollar you deserve under the law.

Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney Near Deptford NJ

Whether the benefits you seek are total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, temporary benefits or a death benefit, Hoffman DiMuzio knows the way. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will work effectively and expeditiously until you prevail, with empathy for your circumstances. You and those you love will come through this. There is hope for the future.

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