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Under the Workers’ Compensation Laws of the State of New Jersey, you may be entitled to lost wages, medical bills, and other damages if you sustain a work-related injury or an occupational disease. Your employer’s insurance carrier will pay for all proper medical treatment, including physician visits, necessary surgery, physical therapy, medications, and other recommended treatment, for your work-related injury or illness.

Do I Need A Lawyer If I've Been Hurt At Work?

The workers’ compensation attorneys at the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio have handled work-related claims for residents of Mantua Township in Gloucester Township for over 25 years. Any number of disputes can and do arise after filing a workers’ compensation claim. Claims have been denied due to a lack of sufficient medical evidence. Your wage rate could be improperly set causing a lowering of your eligible compensation rate. Your employer can suddenly challenge your employment status, claiming you worked as an independent contractor and are therefore ineligible for benefits. Or, you can have difficulty in obtaining quality medical care, and are not permitted to see the doctor of your choice. That’s why you need a lawyer.

Representing Those Hurt At Work In Mantua Township

Your Hoffman DiMuzio workers’ compensation lawyer will make certain that your claim is filed in accordance with your employer’s insurance plan. Your attorney will vigorously challenge any denial, or any approval for less than that which you are entitled. All evidence in your favor will be skillfully and expertly presented. And if your benefits are terminated without just cause, you will be aggressively defended.

Different Types Of Work Injury

  • An overexertion injury, resulting from pushing, pulling, lifting or carrying;
  • A fall on a slippery office floor, or from ladder, roof or scaffolding;
  • Being struck by a falling object;
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures or toxic substances;
  • Being caught in or by a dangerous machine.

Whatever your particular work-related injury or illness is, the key to obtaining a fair and favorable outcome is how effectively your eligibility for maximum allowable benefits is demonstrated.

Consulting With A Workers Compensation Lawyer

You are invited to meet with the workers’ compensation team of attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio for an initial consultation at no charge to you. Learn about the process, ask questions, and if you are comfortable, allow Hoffman DiMuzio to begin representing you in this complex area of legal practice.

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