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If you sustained a serious injury on the job or are diagnosed with an occupational illness, New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law provides benefits if an injury is reported within two years of the date of injury or the date of your last paycheck. An occupational illness must be reported within two years of the date you became aware of the illness.

Your claim is initiated when your employer submits your report of injury or occupational illness to their workmen’s compensation carrier for its consideration.

If approved, your employer or the insurance company will pay for medical treatment which is reasonable and necessary, including physician visits, prescriptions, physical therapy, surgery, etc. You are also eligible for a percentage of your lost wages, subject to minimum and maximum restrictions.

Workers Compensation In Washington Township Questions

What if...

  • Your claim is denied based on lack of sufficient medical evidence?
  • Your wage rate is set improperly which lowers your eligible compensation rate?
  • Your employer challenges your employment status, claiming you were working as an independent contractor and are therefore ineligible for comp benefits?
  • You are unable to obtain specific and necessary quality medical treatment or see the doctor of your choice?

Protecting Yourself During A Washington Township Work Injury Claim

Any number of disputes can arise from the filing of a workers’ compensation claim. This is why so many of the members of your community in Washington Township, Gloucester County, have sought out the expertise of the workers’ comp team of lawyers at the firm of Hoffman DiMuzio.

For over 25 years, Hoffman DiMuzio has been a leading authority on workers’ compensation issues in the Philadelphia/New Jersey legal community. An initial consultation is free of charge, and is offered at any of Hoffman DiMuzio’s six office locations including Washington Township.

Should you live in Washington Township but work or seek medical treatment in Philadelphia, a center city office is available to you as well.

The Workers Comp Process In Washington Twp

Hoffman DiMuzio workers’ compensation attorneys will assess your claim and make certain that your application for benefits is in accordance with your employer’s insurance plan. If your claim is denied for whatever reason, or if it is approved for less than you deserve under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, your Hoffman DiMuzio attorney will not hesitate to vigorously challenge and rectify the wrong. Likewise, if the insurance company terminates benefits previously approved, you will be aggressively defended.

Hiring A Workers Comp Attorney Near Washington Twp

It is essential that you seek quality representation by highly skilled attorneys with their focus on workers’ compensation issues, updates and legal trends in this state. It would be difficult to match the practical experience of Hoffman DiMuzio in this complex area of practice. Choose Hoffman DiMuzio for effective and expeditious counsel in your workers’ compensation matter.

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