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Bankruptcy Attorneys In Vineland NJBankruptcy Lawyers In Vineland, NJ

Is it time to ask for bankruptcy help?

If your debt exceeds your income and the value of your assets, Hoffman DiMuzio can offer solutions to protect and reorganize your critical financial situation. The skilled bankruptcy attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio have been providing bankruptcy services to individuals, families and businesses in Vineland, NJ, Cumberland County, as well as in surrounding counties since 1978.

Hoffman DiMuzio has multiple offices in the Vineland area with the closest being its Turnersville office. Its experienced Vineland bankruptcy lawyers will be happy to meet you at the location most convenient to you.

If I file for bankruptcy in Vineland, will I lose my home?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you are most certainly under a great deal of stress over how your life will change because of financial instability. Contacting the law offices of Hoffman DiMuzio for a consultation will provide relief by learning the options available to you under Federal bankruptcy regulations.

Lawyers experienced in bankruptcy will guide you as to which form of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, is available to you. Income, assets and the amount of debt will determine which route is best for you.

Chapter 7

Those with little or no disposable income usually qualify for Chapter 7. In this scenario, unsecured debt, including credit card debt and medical bills, are liquidated, or wiped clean. Your primary residence and other basic necessities cannot be used to pay down the debt, so it is unlikely you will lose your home. Non-exempt assets may be sold to pay off non-secured debt.

Chapter 13

Individuals and small businesses owners who are in financial difficulty may avail themselves of protections under Chapter 13. Debtors with enough income who can pay back a portion of the debt through a carefully constructed repayment plan have the ability to reorganize their finances into a more manageable plan.

Creditor Harassment

Hoffman DiMuzio has repeatedly dealt with creditors taking action to collect debts. They are empathetic to the unpleasantness this causes their clients. Once you consult with Hoffman DiMuzio attorneys and file for bankruptcy, the court will issue an “automatic stay”, which will prevent all phone calls and letters from creditors, as well as threats to sue you for non-payment, until the bankruptcy case is finished or dismissed.

Take the First Step toward Financial Recovery

Vineland Bankruptcy Attorneys Franklinville Office

Hoffman DiMuzio has bankruptcy attorneys ready to meet you at its Franklinville office, just a few miles outside of Vineland, NJ.

The most critical decision for you is who you will choose to guide you through the bankruptcy process. Hoffman DiMuzio has the necessary experience and training to bring your particular set of circumstances to a favorable outcome.

Gather your documents; you'll need things such as:

  • pay stubs,
  • tax returns,
  • retirement documents,
  • credit card statements,
  • letters from collection agencies, and
  • the value of your assets

Then, make the call to Hoffman DiMuzio at 856-637-3000 for expert counsel from a Vineland bankruptcy lawyer. Or, if you'd prefer, fill out a quick contact form and a representative will contact you shortly. Hoffman DiMuzio's bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at any of our six convenient office locations.

Disclaimer: please note this page was written to provide information about the law and is not legal advice. Click here to read more about our disclaimer and our fees and services.

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