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Gloucester County Bankruptcy LawyersBankruptcy Lawyers In Gloucester County, NJ

Many Gloucester County residents have felt the sting of financial instability. Covering all the bills may no longer seems possible. It is terrifying to imagine how your life will change without the steady income to which you have become accustomed. The question looms, who can I turn to make this right?

Turn to Hoffman DiMuzio, passionate New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys with the requisite training and nearly forty years of experience handling financial crises in Gloucester County. Since 1978, the law offices of Hoffman DiMuzio have been providing bankruptcy guidance to those whose debt exceeds the amount of their income and assets.

After contacting Hoffman DiMuzio and scheduling a consultation in any one of their five convenient Gloucester County offices, you will soon see that solutions are possible, and a favorable outcome is not necessarily just a fantasy.

Recovering From Bankruptcy In Gloucester County

If it is determined that filing for bankruptcy is your best option, Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy lawyers will so advise you, and will explain in detail what form of bankruptcy is appropriate for your particular set of circumstances. If your disposable income amounts to zero or close to it, you likely would qualify for filing under Chapter 7. Credit card debt and medical bills, known as unsecured debt, would be liquidated, or wiped clean. You will likely remain in your home, since your primary residence cannot be used for payment on the debt.

If, on the other hand, there is enough income to pay a portion of the debts owed, Hoffman DiMuzio lawyers will construct carefully a bankruptcy plan under Chapter 13 to repay debt and better manage your finances in what is called reorganization.

All collection activity via harassing phone calls and letters will cease when, after the bankruptcy is filed, Hoffman DiMuzio appeals to the court for an “automatic stay”.

Hiring A Local Gloucester County, NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

The bankruptcy attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio knows Gloucester County. They know the unique rhythm of the residents and the businesses. They know how hard you work and how hard you play. They welcome the opportunity to guide you back to a comfortable life without the stress of financial hardship.

Let the bankruptcy lawyers of Hoffman DiMuzio give you the benefit of their extensive knowledge and expertise. Call 856.637.3000 for a consultation, and you will be advised as to what documents they will need to generate a favorable resolution for you. If you'd prefer, you may also fill out a quick contact form online and a representative of the firm will reach out to you shortly.

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