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deptford-bankruptcy-lawyersBankruptcy Lawyers In Deptford, NJ

From its burgeoning business opportunities to its robust programs for senior citizens, from its superb medical services to its support of the arts, Deptford Township in Gloucester County, NJ, is the chosen home for more than 31,000 residents.

Despite advanced planning and a strong work ethic, individuals, families and businesses in Deptford Township may find themselves insolvent, unable to pay their bills. If bankruptcy in Deptford NJ is being considered, the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio and their Deptford bankruptcy lawyers can clear the path toward financial recovery.

The skilled bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio, with six convenient offices in Gloucester County, including one in Deptford Township, have been providing bankruptcy services since 1978. The firm has an extensive background in dealing with bankruptcy cases in New Jersey

Is Filing Bankruptcy Right For Me? 

The bankruptcy attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio are well aware of the stress you are experiencing if you are facing bankruptcy. The firm will explain to you the forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, and provide expert advice as to which is best for your particular set of circumstances.

Will I Lose My Home In Deptford After Bankruptcy?

Hoffman DiMuzio's bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at any of its 6 convenient office locations, including its Woodbury office, just minutes away from Deptford, NJ.

Hoffman DiMuzio's bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at any of its 6 convenient office locations, including its Woodbury office, just minutes away from Deptford, NJ.

No one living in as progressive a community as Deptford Township, NJ, wants to lose their home. If there is little to no disposable income, you will most likely qualify for Chapter 7. In this scenario, credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debt, are wiped clean, or liquidated. Your primary residence cannot be taken from you to pay down the debt, so most likely you will not lose your home.

Individuals and small businesses in Deptford Township with enough income to pay back a portion of the debt may qualify under the protections of Chapter 11. Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy attorneys will carefully construct a repayment plan with you, giving you the opportunity to reorganize your finances into a more manageable plan.

How To Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Debt Collectors

The bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio have extensive experience in dealing with the unpleasantness of creditors’ representatives trying to collect on debt.

Once you consult with Hoffman DiMuzio attorneys and file for bankruptcy, your attorneys will petition the court to issue an “automatic stay”, which will force creditors to cease and desist all future contact via harassing letters and phone calls.

How To Get Debt Relief In Deptford, NJ

A favorable outcome with debt relief is not a fantasy. You do have a future. Once you contact the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio, you will receive expert counsel from a well-established Deptford Township bankruptcy attorney, and you will be on the road to financial recovery.

To schedule a consultation, either call the firm at 856.637.3000 or fill out a quick online contact form. A bankruptcy attorney will be happy to meet you at any of the firm's convenient office locations.

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