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Bankruptcy Lawyers In Gloucester TwpGloucester Township Bankruptcy Lawyers

The Township of Gloucester, rich in colonial pre-revolutionary history, has existed since 1683. Originally named for an English town on the banks of the Severn, it currently comprises Glendora, Chews Landing, Hilltop, Blenheim, Blackwood, Lambs Terrace, Erial and Sicklerville. Gloucester Township in Camden County is home to nearly 65,000 residents with a widely varying range of incomes.

Regardless of which bracket you find yourself, no one wants their financial security threatened to the brink of having to consider leaving the Gloucester Township family home. If the value of your assets plus your income falls short of the amount of your debt, it is time to consider choosing an expert to guide you toward recovery and ultimate financial freedom.

New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Protect Families And Individuals

Since 1978, the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio has been providing expert financial counsel and bankruptcy services to residents of Gloucester Township, Camden County, and in surrounding counties as well. Lawyers skilled in federal bankruptcy regulations have repeatedly seen the strain and stress of those in financial instability, in fear of losing everything they have worked for, including their style of living and their home.

Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy lawyers will discuss with you the forms of bankruptcy and into which category your particular set of circumstances will fall. Income, assets and the amount of debt will determine the proper course.

Filing For Bankruptcy In New Jersey

Hoffman DiMuzio's Gloucester Township bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Turnersville location, just minutes away.

Hoffman DiMuzio's Gloucester Township bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Turnersville location, just minutes away.

Those with little or no disposable income usually qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Usually this means your unsecured debt, mainly credit card debt and medical bills, will be wiped clean through a process known as liquidation. While non-exempt assets may be sold, your primary residence and basic necessities will not be used to pay down your debt. You will most likely remain in your home in Gloucester Township.

The protections of Chapter 13 bankruptcy are afforded to those who have enough income to pay down a portion of the debt through a repayment plan carefully constructed by you and your bankruptcy attorney. You and your attorney will proceed to reorganize your finances into a more manageable plan for the future.

Creditor Harassment In NJ

You will likely raise the issue of the fear and unpleasantness of harassing phone calls and letters by creditors, who also may threaten to sue you and “take everything you own!” Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy attorneys will hear you, and petition the court for an “automatic stay”. All the threats and fear tactics used will stop abruptly.

Help From An NJ Bankruptcy Attorney

Hoffman DiMuzio welcomes every opportunity to serve the residents of Gloucester Township with a proven record of experience and skill in bankruptcy matters.

Call 856.637.3000 for a consultation, and you will be advised to gather your pay stubs, tax returns, retirement documents, credit card statements, letters from collection agencies and the value of your assets. Or, if you'd prefer, fill out a quick contact form and a representative will get in touch with you shortly to schedule your bankruptcy consultation.

Relief is on the way. Let’s get started.

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