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Few are aware that the first residents of historic Monroe Township were the Lenni-Lenape Indians, part of a tribe originating in Delaware. Back then, streams were fished and woods were hunted. Following the establishment of the first settlement, businesses such as logging, glass making, farming and canning fruit and produce sprang up and prospered. Hard working people even then were concerned with making plans to protect and sustain their loved ones’ future.

In modern times futures are planned as well, but the complexity of the ever-changing economy has caused many to experience hard times, despite their greatest efforts. If you live in Monroe Township, Gloucester County, and are experiencing the pain and uncertainty of insolvency, the law firm of Hoffman-DiMuzio can help.

Finding A Passionate Monroe Bankruptcy Lawyer

Turnersville Law Office

Hoffman DiMuzio's Monroe bankruptcy attorneys will be happy to meet you at the firm's Turnersville location, just a few miles outside of Monroe Township NJ.

The skilled bankruptcy lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio have been providing bankruptcy representation to individuals, families and small businesses in Monroe Township, Gloucester County and in surrounding counties since 1978.

Hoffman DiMuzio attorneys are very familiar with the stress, anxiety and fear associated with impending financial failure. Rest assured, your assigned bankruptcy attorney from Hoffman DiMuzio will have the expertise to guide you successfully on the road to financial recovery.

Getting Started With The Bankruptcy Process

First, schedule a consultation with Hoffman DiMuzio at any one of the five conveniently located offices. The firm's closest office location to Monroe Township is only a few minutes away in at its Turnersville office.

If you'd prefer, Hoffman DiMuzio's bankruptcy attorneys will also meet you at any of their five additional office locations across South Jersey and Philadelphia.

Next, prepare for the meeting by gathering all relevant documentation, including pay stubs, tax returns, retirement documents, correspondence from collection agencies and the value of your assets.

Filing For Bankruptcy In Monroe With The Help Of A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Your Hoffman DiMuzio bankruptcy attorney will explain the two forms of bankruptcy clearly and concisely. If you have little to no disposable income, you would likely qualify for filing under Chapter 7. Your unsecured debt, mainly from credit cards and medical bills, will be liquidated, or wiped clean, in accordance with federal bankruptcy regulations.

Since your home and basic necessities cannot be taken from you to pay down the debt, you most likely will remain in your Monroe Township home.

Debtors with enough income who are in a position to repay some of the debt may qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. You and your attorney will collaborate to construct a repayment plan, giving you the ability to reorganize your finances, with your attorney’s help, into a more manageable plan.

Protecting Yourself And Your Future By Filing For Bankruptcy

When you have to choose who will protect you and your family from financial hardship, choose Hoffman DiMuzio, the South Jersey law firm with a proven record of competence, skill and expertise in the practice of bankruptcy. A favorable resolution for you is the ultimate goal.

If you have further questions or are ready to set up your free consultation, fill out a quick online contact form or call 856.637.3000.

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