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A Teenager’s Perspective on Safe Driving

Today Your Legal Corner will share “a teenager’s perspective on safe driving."

Sometimes when I look back on my younger days, I wonder how I managed to live through it. Especially as a teen, invincible, carefree and just plain stupidity comes to mind as I remember the days of my youth.

Since graduation is right around the corner, many Rowan University students are mapping out their next move sending out carefully prepared resumes and preparing for those first interviews. These are our fortunate youth. They have now lived through the frolics of youth and as Rowan University seniors are taking their first real steps into adulthood.

One Rowan graduating senior in particular would like to share his teenage driving lesson. As a very proud mother of her son who is graduating from Rowan University, I now share Robert Dalton's story.

It's funny how your priorities can change completely in an instant. It's funnier still how one small decision can affect you in such an incredible way. In that one moment, I lost my freedom.

For a teenager, the freedom to drive wherever you want is an anticipated event. Because of one driving mistake, my car was totaled. I was left to be thankful for my safety and to wonder what would become of my freedom. The blame was solely my own.

Not only teens, but most drivers, do not fully realize the effects of their actions while driving. One can almost be in an accident and be shaken up. However, many times, driving habits will not change until there is an actual accident. This is especially true with new drivers.

I can say from my own experiences, I have been exceedingly fortunate. Upon getting my license, I probably drove too fast. This sets the stage for one night I will never forget.

I was driving home on Easter with my 15-year old cousin in the passenger seat. I was not speeding this time, however, that did not mean a regrettable decision was not made. Something flashed in front of my car and instinctively I moved the wheel to avoid hitting whatever it was. I lost control of my car and eventually hit the guardrail, which actually saved our lives. But for the guardrail, I would not be telling this story.

I was very fortunate. The lesson I learned is that the decisions you make while driving can impact you for years and may cost you your life. If you are speeding and another driver makes a mistake, you are less likely to keep control of your vehicle and avoid a collision.

Don't hope to be as fortunate as my son was. Rather, ensure good driving decisions are made so you do not have to hope... but you will know your teenager will be safe while driving.

Till next time, God bless, keep smiling, when Your Legal Corner will discuss "Safe driving for senior citizens."

Victoria M. Dalton is an attorney with the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio.

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