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Top Things to Look for on Your Yearly Free Credit Report

Today Your Legal Corner will provide information on " The Importance Of Checking Your Credit Report."

Swish. Swirl. Twirl. The holidays are finally here. Shining lights and glimmers of hope are all around. Yes, it is time to settle in and just enjoy each and every festive moment. With a New Year at our heels, checking your credit report is a task that should be on everyone's list.

A credit report is a record that houses your financial history. Whenever you apply for a loan or even a new job, this document is requested and provided by a credit bureau. Reviewing your credit report at least annually will help to guard against identity theft and ensure that your crediting standing is accurate. So after this New Year 2015, request, review and correct.


There are three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Federal law requires each to give you a yearly free credit report. Requesting a yearly free credit report is a good habit to get into after every holiday season.

Review Yearly Free Credit Report

When reviewing your yearly free credit report, check to see that all the accounts listed on the credit report are yours. Should you notice an account that is not yours or that is incorrect, simply contact the issuer of the account or the credit reporting agency that has the incorrect information listed.

According to, the most common warning signs for identity theft are: (1) credit card changes you don't recognize, (2) new credit card accounts that you did not open, (3) any type of information listed on your credit report that you do not recognize and (4) credit application denials for no apparent reason.


To correct an error found on your report, it is best to try and tackle it yourself or retain an attorney. Be wary of agencies that offer to create a new identity for you or ask for large sums of money up front and do not provide a stable business address.

If attempting to change an incorrect credit report on your own, begin by writing to the credit bureau and detailing what is not correct in the report. The credit bureau will investigate your complaint and will respond in writing usually within thirty days unless an extension of time has been granted. In the event the credit bureau response does not address the problem, file a short statement to be included in your credit history information. Send this to every reporting agency that has the inaccuracy listed in their report.

If you have been damaged by a credit report that is untrue, you may want to consult with an attorney to determine if there is an actionable claim against the particular credit bureau. The attorney may also be able to help with credit repair. After a consultation, an attorney should be able to tell you actionable steps to take to repair your credit. Remember, you have a legal right to view your credit report free of charge each and every year!

Till next week, God bless, keep smiling and remember who's in Your Legal Corner when YLC will discuss "New Jersey Enacts the Pregnanat Workers Fairness Act."

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