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As the saying goes, once a victim, twice a volunteer. If you have been verbally, emotionally or physically abused by a current or former household member, chances are it wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly will not be the last. Your abuser could be:

  • Your spouse or domestic partner
  • Anyone in the household
  • A former boyfriend or girlfriend
  • The parent of an unborn child.

Do not minimize the danger in which you find yourself and your children. You need immediate protection from the authorities and from a domestic violence lawyer before the situation escalates and more harm is done.

Help With Domestic Violence In Washington Township

Domestic Violence Washington Township

Hoffman DiMuzio's Washington Township domestic violence lawyers are available to meet you at the Sewell office just minutes away!

Your first step to end the violence in your household is to contact the skilled domestic violence attorneys at the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio. You need proven professionals at your side who will guide you every step of the way, to safely remove you and your family from impending harm.

Hoffman DiMuzio has been providing domestic violence services to residents of Washington Township since 1978. Their expertise and knowledge is unparalleled in the field of experts in South Jersey offering assistance in this area of legal practice.

The Domestic Violence Legal Process

After counseling you as to your rights and the protections under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act, the Hoffman DiMuzio domestic violence lawyer representing you will proceed step by step, most likely in this order:

  • Safe haven for you and your family is top priority and will be addressed immediately.
  • A restraining order will be filed with the Court to restrict contact with the abuser and also to prevent harassment by any means.
  • You will decide whether to file for legal separation or divorce.
  • You and your attorney will safeguard your assets by means of a financial plan to protect you once you leave the abusive household.
  • Hoffman DiMuzio will respect your input, your concerns and your sense of well-being.

Domestic Violence Accusations In Washington Township

If you are the one accused of committing acts of domestic abuse, or of violating a New Jersey restraining order, you have a lot at stake. You will require aggressive representation by lawyers with extensive experience defending charges of domestic violence.

Hoffman DiMuzio attorneys will stand with you in court and present all evidence in your favor, giving you the best chance to avoid facing criminal prosecution. 

Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Allowing the emotional, physical and psychological trauma of domestic violence to continue in your household is not an option. You have a right as well as a responsibility to seek a peaceful environment for you and your children.

Schedule your consultation with Hoffman DiMuzio or call the firm at 856-637-3000, and free yourself of the violence. You are worth it.

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