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Joseph Hoffman

"As senior partner of the firm it is my responsibility to make sure your rights are protected, and of that you can be assured." - Joseph J. Hoffman, Jr.

Joseph J. Hoffman, Jr. is Senior Partner at The Law Offices Of Hoffman DiMuzio and personally oversees all DUI cases being handled by the firm. Upon retaining the firm for your DWI case, Mr. Hoffman will meet with you to assign you the best DUI attorney suited for your individual case.

Since 1978, Mr. Hoffman and his partner Kenneth A. DiMuzio, Sr., have been serving New Jersey and are proud to have accumulated these kind reviews from past clients...


A DUI / DWI conviction in New Jersey is a very serious matter. The DUI fines are high, and the penalties are severe. The DUI attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio protect your rights and help you understand what to expect. Hoffman DiMuzio represents people charged with drunk driving and assists them in dealing with a variety of legal issues such as:

  • Breath tests and breath test refusal
  • Driver’s license suspensions or revocations
  • Breathalyzer® and blood tests reliability

Penalties For DUI In New Jersey

Being convicted of a DUI is a serious offense carrying penalties which, depending on the severity of the charges may include:

  • Fines, fees and surcharges up to $1,000 per year
  • License suspension or loss
  • Ignition interlock device
  • Jail time
  • Community service

A local New Jersey DUI attorney at Hoffman DiMuzio examines every piece of evidence gathered and all procedures used from the initial stop to the administration of the Breathalyzer or the collection of any blood samples.

We will ensure that any errors or omissions made cannot be used against you. Issues with the calibration of the Breathalyzer will be addressed. In addition, challenges to the training of the Breathalyzer administrator as well as other challenges to the procedures used during the process will be closely reviewed and questioned.

DUI charges are serious and can result in a loss of privileges that will affect your life for years. Hoffman DiMuzio is here to examine the charges and evidence to protect your rights.

DUI Attorneys You Can Trust

The firm's dedication to exceptional, personalized service is exemplified by its standard practice:

  • Meeting with you regularly to keep you informed of the status of your case and plan your strategy.
  • Promptly returning telephone calls and respond to your inquiries.
  • Ensuring that you have the advice and information you need to make critical decisions about your case.

Hoffman DiMuzio understands the stress a difficult legal problem creates for you and your loved ones.

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Hoffman DiMuzio's DUI attorneys will meet you at any one of it's convenient law offices in New Jersey or Philadelphia. Pictured clockwise from left to right: Woodbury, Franklinville, Turnersville, Philadelpia, Sewell, Mullica Hill.

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