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Gift of the Heart - Kingsway

Hoffman DiMuzio Scholarship Fund

Woodbury, NJ April 2, 2015
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The law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio has allocated over a quarter of a million dollars to its Community Service Scholarship fund. For the next decade, the Hoffman DiMuzio Community Service Scholarship Foundation will award “Gift of the Heart” scholarships to 28 students (one male and one female) graduating from every Gloucester County high school.

Each recipient shall be rewarded with a one thousand dollar scholarship for personifying the service ideals encouraged by the “Gift of the Heart” scholarship program. This week, the 2015 Hoffman DiMuzio Community Service Scholarship recipients are from Kingsway Regional High School: KARA CLARK and IAN MORRISON.

Kara Clark - Local Scholarship Winner From Kingsway


Congratulations to Kara Clark on receiving one of the 2015 Hoffman DiMuzio Scholarship Awards

Kara has a favorite charity close to her heart. It is called the "Feed the Sheep" program. Kara spends her time feeding and clothing those in need as well as helping the homeless with spirituality. The program is located in the city of Camden, New Jersey. Kara has also participated in other community service activities. As a dedicated member of "Fleece for Keeps," she sews fleece blankets for area foster children. Kara regularly volunteers for Head Start, an early child intervention-learning program. She has traveled to Kentucky, not for a spring break vacation, but to help repair homes in remote areas of known poverty.

During the summer, Kara assists with vacation bible school, helping children learn about the Bible, while having summer fun with their classmates. Great work Kara!




Ian Morrison - Local Scholarship Winner From Kingsway

2015 Hoffman DiMuzio Scholarship Winner Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison of Kingsway High School, one of the 2015 Hoffman DiMuzio Scholarship Recipients

After losing a classmate early in the school year, Ian decided to act on the passing of his friend by serving the "Leukemia and Lymphoma Society." Working with this organization was a wonderful way for Ian to honor his friend's memory and to help many others suffering from this disease.

Ian is also an active member of the Interact club. He regularly participates in Philabundance. Seeing the goodness in all humanity, Ian volunteers at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia. He participates in beautifying the community, planting trees. Ian regularly helps out at the local animal shelter. He is also active in both Swedesboro Day and Logan Day.

Both Kara and Ian, by their examples, are paving the way for future generations to see what it truly means to give the gift of the heart through dedicated community service. Sincere congratulations are extended to Kara Clark and Ian Morrison, Kingsway High School, and their proud parents, family and friends!

Next week, the Hoffman DiMuzio Community Service featured scholarship recipients are from Paulsboro Regional High School.

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