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Personal Injury SicklervillePersonal Injury Attorneys Near Sicklerville NJ

Have you sustained serious personal injury resulting from any one of these unfortunate circumstances?

  • You have fallen on your neighbor’s cracked and broken sidewalk.
  • You are broadsided when a texting driver runs a red light.
  • A loved one dies when a medical procedure is performed below accepted medical standards.
  • You are facing end stage cancer due to an extended delay in diagnosis by your treating physician.
  • You are advised that you have mesothelioma from prolonged exposure to asbestos on your job.
  • Your use of talcum powder has been linked to a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
  • You are sitting on your front steps with your toddler, when a neighbor’s dog approaches and bites your child’s leg.

If you are a resident of Sicklerville, New Jersey, and you have experienced misfortune similar to any one of the above examples, you will require the specialized services of the proven, professional personal injury lawyers at the firm of Hoffman DiMuzio.

Personal Injury Cases In NJ

Injuries to your person, property, rights or reputation must be a result of negligence of another individual or entity to warrant compensation. The negligence must be proven by an experienced personal injury attorney after a full and impartial investigation of the facts. Negotiating settlements with insurance companies without proper legal guidance is unwise and may severely undermine the compensation to which you are entitled. The personal injury team at Hoffman DiMuzio has been around this block many, many times, and will guide you through the pitfalls of personal injury cases.

Whether you live in Camden County or the surrounding counties of Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland, one of the six Hoffman DiMuzio offices are near to you. A Philadelphia office is also an available option. Hoffman DiMuzio offers an initial consultation free of charge.

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Near Sicklerville

The personal injury attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio have provided services to victims in Sicklerville, New Jersey and the south Jersey vicinity since 1983. Committed to victim advocacy and survivor support, Hoffman DiMuzio will provide you with focus and direction while guiding you and your family through these difficult and stressful times. Your questions will be competently addressed, and your concerns eased.

Free Personal Injury Consultation

By contacting Hoffman DiMuzio, you can be sure that your legal rights will be sufficiently protected. To know for certain whether another individual or entity should be held accountable for the harm you have experienced, call for your free consultation. Hoffman DiMuzio will ease you through the complex legal process with reliable, competent guidance.

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