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Defective Products

Product Liability Lawyers in New Jersey

If you or someone you know has been injured by a product which was defective, unsafe or failed to warn of its dangers, you may have a product liability case against that product’s manufacturer, seller, purchaser, or even your own employer. If such an injury has happened, do not wait. Immediately contact a product liability lawyer to help you preserve evidence and recover for your harms and losses. These losses may include payment of medical bills, past and future wages, pain, suffering, disability, and loss of activities you once enjoyed.

What is an unsafe product?

An unsafe product is anything made and sold that is not reasonably fit and safe when used for its intended purpose. This covers any type of product, or its parts, including the following:

  • Vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Machines
  • Instruments
  • Tools
  • Drugs/Medication
  • Appliances
  • Household products

There are many reasons a product may be unsafe, including the following:

  • No warnings
  • No safety guards
  • Inadequate warnings
  • Inadequate guards
  • Made of the wrong materials
  • A safer option is available

Who may be responsible?

Responsibility usually rests with the manufacturer and seller of the unsafe product. However, there are times when injuries are the responsibility of others, such as the purchaser, the regular user and even an employer. Although an employee injured by an employer’s product is usually entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, the employer may also be separately responsible for allowing the employee to use the unsafe product. Do not assume that your only claim for an unsafe product is against the manufacturer or seller. Contact a New Jersey product liability lawyer for advice on all possible responsible parties.

What should you do after a product injury?

If injured by any product, first seek immediate medical help and do your best to preserve the product, either by keeping it, having someone else do so, or by taking photos. Remember that it’s in your best interests to speak to a lawyer before speaking to anyone else, even your employer or its insurance company. Following such an injury, where your employer may be responsible, the insurance company’s interests are adverse to yours. They are not your friend, and you cannot assume they will help you make a case against any responsible party. An attorney can conduct the necessary investigation, obtain evidence, hire an expert, and advise you as an advocate for your interests.

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