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You are eligible for benefits under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law if you have sustained a work-related injury or an occupational illness which prevents you from returning to work. The types of typical injuries or illnesses typically covered are as follows:

  • A fall on a slippery office floor, or from a ladder, roof or scaffolding;
  • Being struck by a falling object;
  • Overexertion injuries, resulting from pushing, pulling, lifting or carrying;
  • Being caught in or by a dangerous machine;
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures or toxic substances.

How effectively your eligibility for maximum allowable benefits is demonstrated is key to obtaining a fair and favorable outcome. In most circumstances, an experienced work injury attorney near Gloucester Township can be helpful in letting you know if you have a case.

Hiring A Gloucester Township Workers Comp Attorney

For more than twenty-five years, the workers’ compensation experts at the law firm of Hoffman DiMuzio have been assessing, preparing and presenting claims for residents of  Gloucester Township in Camden County, New Jersey.

Hoffman DiMuzio is highly recognized in the legal communities of south Jersey and Philadelphia for outstanding representation in this complex area of practice. Your claim will be handled skillfully and efficiently to ensure you receive the lost wages, compensation for medical bills and other damages you rightly deserve.

Help With Your Work Injury Case

The workers’ compensation team of attorneys at Hoffman DiMuzio will advise you first to report your injury to your employer if you have not already done so. You should document all medical care including hospitals, physicians, physical therapy, and diagnostic testing, so that your comp attorney can gather all records of treatment. Your application for benefits will be processed in compliance with your employer’s insurance plan.

What To Consider If Hurt On The Job

You should be mindful that there are inexperienced individuals out there who claim to know the ins and outs of workers’ compensation law. A competent, experienced advocate, as are the comp lawyers at Hoffman DiMuzio, is your best chance to defend against claim denials, improperly set wage rates, and an employer’s challenge to the claimant’s employment status.

These are but a few of the disputes which can routinely arise. Hoffman DiMuzio will vigorously challenge any resistance to your claim, and present all evidence in your favor. The ultimate goal is the maximum allowable benefits under the law.

Scheduling A Consultation With Workers Comp Attorneys

Hoffman DiMuzio extends to you an invitation to come to any one of the six convenient office locations for an initial consultation at no charge to you. The workers compensation team of lawyers will set you at ease, explain the process, and provide answers to all your questions.

Disclaimer: please note this page was written to provide information about the law and is not legal advice. Click here to read more about our disclaimer and our fees and services.

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