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DUI Penalties for Commercial Drivers

The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) in New Jersey are quite severe for every convicted offender.  Commercial drivers such as bus and truck drivers face additional penalties including suspension or revocation of their commercial driver’s license (CDL). This can mean loss of employment as a result.

In addition to suffering all the other DUI penalties, a CDL holder will have his or her license suspended for a year after the first offense.  A second DUI conviction carries a complete revocation of the CDL.

A CDL is required for driving large vehicles such as buses, trucks and tractor-trailers in New Jersey. Drivers of commercial vehicles who have their CDL suspended or revoked will not be able to drive commercial vehicles and will likely lose their jobs and income.

The loss of the CDL comes even if the DUI conviction was given for driving in a non-commercial vehicle.  It doesn’t matter what you were driving at the time of your arrest — the loss of the CDL is part of the penalty for driving under the influence.

If you have a CDL and are accused of driving under the influence, it is especially important to avoid a conviction for DUI.  Contact us and we will help you put up your best defense to the charges and strive to protect your ability to make a living.

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