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NJ Mobile Meth Lab Demonstrates Scope of Drug Problem

According to a recent DEA assessment, methamphetamine is the most heavily used and commonly available clandestinely manufactured illegal drug in southern New Jersey. Some believe that what makes the drug so incredibly insidious is the ease with which manufacturers are able to cook it up. Most recently, two New Jersey men were arrested for turning… Read More »

Driving Under the Influence Also Illegal for Elderly Drivers

A deadly New Jersey collision involving not one, but two impaired drivers recently took the life of a hospice nurse attending to an injured pedestrian on the side of a Westfield street. The drivers, one an octogenarian and the other well into his 70s, had been imbibing separately at a local Knights of Columbus hall…. Read More »

License Suspensions: One Way Not to Get Your Driving Privileges Back

Many New Jersey citizens depend on their cars for nearly every daily task in their lives, from driving to work to picking the kids up at school. For a variety of reasons, many have also received license suspensions at various points in their driving careers, which generally last up to six months but can stretch… Read More »

Gruesome Graveside Thefts Shock New Jersey

Two New Jersey men reached new lows by stealing gravesite ornaments from at least one cemetery. The thefts have given law enforcement probable cause to believe the men are also implicated in similar thefts in two other cemeteries in New Jersey. The stolen bronze urns and vases in which loved ones intend to place candles… Read More »

NJ Assemblyman Railroaded in DUI Arrest Gone Horribly Wrong

When New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty turned into a Gloucester County restaurant to grab lunch, he was shocked to see the flashing lights of the police cruiser that had followed him for several miles. Moriarty hadn’t been speeding or committing any other moving violation and couldn’t identify any reason the officer might be approaching his… Read More »

What Are the Effects of NJ’s New Medical Marijuana Law?

The seriously ill children who benefit from the use of medical marijuana are a far cry from the stereotypes of partying pot smokers getting high. For children suffering from debilitating diseases such as Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy for which conventional anti-seizure medicine is not effective, edible medical marijuana may be the only… Read More »

After 18 Years, Expungement Gives New Jersey Man a Fresh Start

Whether because of poor judgment, lack of guidance or simple inexperience, many people make mistakes in their youth that cause them embarrassment and regret for the rest of their lives. For some, these mistakes cross the line from mere recklessness to criminal behavior punishable by time in juvenile detention facilities and even jails and prisons,… Read More »

Baby Onboard? Additional Penalties for DUIs with Minors in the Vehicle

While driving under the influence is never a good idea and can bring criminal penalties for those who are caught, New Jersey law reserves special punishment for those who drink and drive with minors in the car. In perhaps the most egregious recent example of driving under the influence with a minor passenger, a South… Read More »

Textbook Mistake: Message to Wrong Number Lands Dealer in Jail

A particularly inept aspiring New Jersey drug dealer recently texted himself all the way to jail by messaging a detective he mistakenly believed was a potential customer. After agreeing to meet at a local pizza parlor, ostensibly for the sale of a quarter-pound of marijuana, the dealer quickly fled when he suspected that his new… Read More »

Thanksgiving, Madonna and Thomas More

November brings our national holiday of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a time when we express our appreciation for the many things we take for granted.  Although we are grateful for our material abundance, at Thanksgiving we often delve much deeper into blessings of a spiritual bent. A while ago Larry King asked Madonna what was important… Read More »

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