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Exploitation of the Elderly, the RAP sheet

Caring for our elders can mean so much more than a helping hand or holding doors. True safety and protection often comes from identifying and reporting abuse. Know exactly what to look for and how to report elderly abuse with this week’s RAP sheet (Report And Protect). Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Exploitation of… Read More »

Exploitation Of The Elderly, The Perpetrators

This week, YLC talks about the three largest perpetrators in when elders are exploited. Remember, anyone can lend a helping hand! Send your story and insights to Victoria to help formulate next week’s RAP sheet. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Exploitation of the Elderly, the perpetrators.” During the months of May and June, three… Read More »

Exploitation of the Elderly

Each year over a half a million cases of elder abuse are reported. Find out what to look for in these cases and how you can help by e-mailing the author with your story and insights to help formulate the Your Legal Corner RAP sheet (Report And Protect). Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Exploitation… Read More »

Whether renting or buying, beware when relocating

From leaky windows to noisy neighbors, find out what should and should not be listed on a real estate disclosure before renting or buying your next property. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Real Estate Disclosures.” Each year, we celebrate our independence on the 4th of July. Our forefathers drafted our Declaration of Independence which… Read More »

Legal Tips For Buying And Selling A Home

A lot goes into buying or selling a house…find out how an experienced real estate attorney could be a great addition to your team! Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Legal tips for buying and selling a home.” When to purchase a home When is the best time to purchase a home? When I asked… Read More »

Six Attributes To Consider When Hiring An Attorney

Is your lawyer making promises he can’t keep? Keep in mind these top tips to consider when hiring an attorney. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “6 attributes to consider when hiring an attorney.” What do you think most people want in retaining an attorney? If you said, “winning their case” you are absolutely correct…. Read More »

3 Sentencing Alternatives For Specific Criminal Offenses

The road of life doesn’t always offer second chances, but when it does, it’s usually best to take it. Similarly, programs in New Jersey such as a conditional discharge, a pretrial intervention program, or home detention program may be a viable “second chance” option if you’ve gotten into legal trouble. Today Your Legal Corner will… Read More »

Know The Penalties For Illegal Drug Possession Before A Bad Decision Is Made

Even the best behaving teens will sometimes face temptation. Educate your kids about the penalties for drug possession to help your child avoid bad decisions. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss ” Know the penalties for illegal drug possession before a bad decision is made.” If you ask any parent about their kids, most will… Read More »

What Age Can A Child Be Left Home Alone?

Your kids are growing up fast and becoming more and more independent. If you ask them, they’re ready to take on just about anything…but at what point is it really okay to leave your child home alone? Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “What age can a child be left home alone?” Who has not… Read More »

Underage Drinking – Providing Alcohol To Minors

Many parents will be looking forward to spending time this summer with their teen children, but it is critical to keep in mind the penalties for giving alcohol to minors when hosting a party. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss ” Underage Drinking…providing alcohol to minors.” Sometimes, it is important to be reminded of the… Read More »

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