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Balancing School Safety and Students’ Right to Privacy

Your Legal Corner will discuss “School Safety.” For many families, getting ready for school meant shopping. Numerous conversations were held about finding just the right backpack and coordinating it with the just the right pencil case. Encouraging words such as: “lets make this the best school year ever” were echoed throughout the households as well…. Read More »

The Five Steps to a Social Security Disability Determination

Once you have been initially denied Social Security benefits, and your request for reconsideration has been denied, you should request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge of the Social Security Administration.  Approximately sixty days after the hearing, the Judge will issue a written decision explaining why she did or did not find you disabled. … Read More »

Lien Claims Under the Public Works Bond Act

As we noted in a prior post, depending on the nature of a project, a contractor or subcontractor in New Jersey may make a claim or claims under the Construction Lien Law, the Municipal Mechanic’s Lien Act or the Public Works Bond Act.  This article will focus on the procedure for filing a claim for… Read More »

NJ Mobile Meth Lab Demonstrates Scope of Drug Problem

According to a recent DEA assessment, methamphetamine is the most heavily used and commonly available clandestinely manufactured illegal drug in southern New Jersey. Some believe that what makes the drug so incredibly insidious is the ease with which manufacturers are able to cook it up. Most recently, two New Jersey men were arrested for turning… Read More »

Driving Under the Influence Also Illegal for Elderly Drivers

A deadly New Jersey collision involving not one, but two impaired drivers recently took the life of a hospice nurse attending to an injured pedestrian on the side of a Westfield street. The drivers, one an octogenarian and the other well into his 70s, had been imbibing separately at a local Knights of Columbus hall…. Read More »

Additional Occupational Risks Accompany Winter Weather

In certain jobs, occupational hazards are not consistent throughout the year, with weather changes contributing to heightened risk factors during certain months. The ice, rain and snow that characterize New Jersey winters and the temperature dips that accompany this precipitation can create a dangerous mix for those whose positions require them to spend prolonged periods… Read More »

License Suspensions: One Way Not to Get Your Driving Privileges Back

Many New Jersey citizens depend on their cars for nearly every daily task in their lives, from driving to work to picking the kids up at school. For a variety of reasons, many have also received license suspensions at various points in their driving careers, which generally last up to six months but can stretch… Read More »

Shooting from the Hip: Defective Medical Devices Cause Big Problems

Mark Stephan, a remarkable Illinois man in his mid-50s, bicycled 3,200 miles last year to raise funds and awareness for a cause very dear to his heart. Six years ago, Stephan had an unfortunate accident on his bicycle that resulted in fractured vertebrae, which left him quadriplegic with a prognosis from doctors that the rest… Read More »

Gruesome Graveside Thefts Shock New Jersey

Two New Jersey men reached new lows by stealing gravesite ornaments from at least one cemetery. The thefts have given law enforcement probable cause to believe the men are also implicated in similar thefts in two other cemeteries in New Jersey. The stolen bronze urns and vases in which loved ones intend to place candles… Read More »

Workers’ Comp Fraud Is Latest Wave of Hurricane Sandy Damage

While the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is upon us, investigators of a special task force are still discovering the devastating aspects of this unprecedented superstorm. Indeed, cleanup and recovery efforts have helped thousands of residents of the eastern seaboard put their lives and homes back together, but the damage may be more than physical…. Read More »

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