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How To Live At Home As You Age

As we age into a brand new year, our current living arrangements may need to be adjusted. According to AARP, staying in ones’ own home is preferable to moving into an assisted living or a nursing home. Important to note is the fact that there are numerous services available which aid the decision to reside… Read More »

What you should know about immigration

Would you risk your life traveling in shark infested waters, floating 90 miles across the Florida straits in a makeshift raft overflowing with people, all in the hopes of making land in the United States to start a new life? This phenomenon is just one example of our current immigration policy. Our current immigration policy… Read More »

What are our housing options as we age?

An important component of any estate plan is deciding where one will live. Housing is one of life’s basic necessities.   While many people will not make the connection between their housing choice and their estate plan, the smarter choice is to consider your options.   Depending on what stage you are in your life, your housing… Read More »

Free Inventory Packet For Estate Planning

What will you do with this New Year you’ve been given? Perhaps you would like to lose weight, change jobs, travel, or dedicate time to a special project. Regardless of age or present life situation, think of the possibilities this New Year brings. Did you know that the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh painted most… Read More »

Negotiations and our Legal System

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Negotiations and our Legal System.” Growing up in a family of six, often my parents would receive an overly zealous “Santa” gift list; to which they would then carefully respond, “Santa can’t bring everything.” Surprisingly, on Christmas morn, as children, we were seldom disappointed as mom and dad always… Read More »

Attorney Conflicts of Interest

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Attorney Conflicts of Interest.” In a powerful scene from the movie Godfather, Michael Corleone tells his brother Fredo, “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again-ever.” Loyalty to ones’ family is a central theme in the Godfather and part of what makes this movie so popular even… Read More »

Drug Court In New Jersey

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Drug Court in New Jersey.” “See this guy here, this is the toughest opponent you are ever going to face.” In the latest installment of Rocky movies entitled, “Creed,” Rocky Balboa says this as he points at the reflection of his young protégé shadowboxing in the mirror. While Rocky… Read More »

Reasons Not To Leave Your Child In The Car Alone

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Reasons not to leave your child in the car alone.” We have officially entered the holiday season, making our shopping lists, decorating our homes and attending holiday parties. While celebrating the holidays can be fun, sometimes one can become preoccupied and forget that the true meaning of the season… Read More »

Tips To Decrease The Cost Of Divorce

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Tips to decrease the cost of divorce.” It seems each week there is news of another Hollywood marriage coming to an end. Recently, fans of the TV show “The Voice” learned that two stars of the show, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were an item after divorcing from their… Read More »

Living Wills: Not just for Senior Citizens

Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Living Wills: Not just for Senior Citizens.” Veteran’s Day was celebrated this past Wednesday. Many of our “seasoned citizens” served us during times of turmoil and upheaval. While we should thank our vets each day, Veteran’s Day provides an opportunity as a country to formally recognize their sacrifice. They… Read More »

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