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Minimize Home Improvement Fraud While Getting Ready For The Holidays

Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “How To Minimize Home Improvement Fraud While Getting Ready For The Holidays.” It is not “what” we celebrate that matters most but rather with whom. A lot of those celebrations will be spent in the home with family and friends. For that reason, home improvements are on the minds… Read More »

Online Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday and the Holidays

WAIT! Before you buy anything online be sure to read these online shopping tips from Your Legal Corner to help protect your identity this coming Cyber Monday and Holiday Season. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Cyber Monday Shopping Tips and Online Shopping Tips for the Holidays.” Have you heard the naysayers or perhaps you… Read More »

Gift Card Laws, Consumer Contracts and Shopping For The Holidays

A few tips regarding Gift Card Laws before you purchase your gifts this holiday season. Did you know that there are Consumer Laws to protect your rights when purchasing goods and services? Goods can be purchased with cash, credit/debit cards, gift cards and checks depending on where you are shopping. With the holiday shopping frenzy… Read More »

Legal Alert: Income Loss Protection If Hurt On The Job

How does a worker holding two jobs obtain income loss protection when a work accident arising out of the part-time employment causes loss of income from his other full-time employment? Like Hoffman DiMuzio on Facebook to stay up to date with all of our important Legal Alerts. A person holds two jobs, one full-time and… Read More »

Special Needs Trusts and Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney

Today Your Legal Corner will discuss the importance of a disabled person having a Special Needs Trust, when pursuing a personal injury claim. With November comes the promise of much colder weather as we escape hurricane season unscathed. Yet much of the aftermath of the 2012 hurricane season remains. When remembering Hurricane Sandy, I can… Read More »

Divorce Attorneys, Alimony, and the Displaced Homemaker

This week Your Legal Corner weighs in with advice on current divorce laws and how to achieve an equitable divorce. Your Legal Corner will discuss “Divorce, Alimony and the Displaced Homemaker.” If we ask the same question to different people, invariably we will receive different answers. This is especially true when deciding what is fair… Read More »

What is Domestic Violence and What You Need to Know

Your Legal Corner will discuss “What is Domestic Violence and What You Need To Know.” Just as every picture tells a story, every story has at least two interpretations. For instance, in one sense the month of October displays the beginnings of annual family holiday traditions, from carving pumpkins through making New Years toasts. October,… Read More »

Balancing School Safety and Students’ Right to Privacy

Your Legal Corner will discuss “School Safety.” For many families, getting ready for school meant shopping. Numerous conversations were held about finding just the right backpack and coordinating it with the just the right pencil case. Encouraging words such as: “lets make this the best school year ever” were echoed throughout the households as well…. Read More »

The Five Steps to a Social Security Disability Determination

Once you have been initially denied Social Security benefits, and your request for reconsideration has been denied, you should request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge of the Social Security Administration.  Approximately sixty days after the hearing, the Judge will issue a written decision explaining why she did or did not find you disabled. … Read More »

Lien Claims Under the Public Works Bond Act

As we noted in a prior post, depending on the nature of a project, a contractor or subcontractor in New Jersey may make a claim or claims under the Construction Lien Law, the Municipal Mechanic’s Lien Act or the Public Works Bond Act.  This article will focus on the procedure for filing a claim for… Read More »

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