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Summer Parties and a Social Host’s Liability

What better way to welcome the warm weather than by entertaining guests on a beautiful evening. However, if you’re hosting the party, you should be aware of some laws pertaining to social host liability before serving those summer cocktails. Today Your Legal Corner will share “Summer Parties and a Social Host’s Liability.” What better way… Read More »

Three Important Tips For Caregivers

When caring for loved ones it is important to remember to also take time for yourself. This week, Your Legal Corner writes about some helpful hints for caregivers to help reduce and even avoid certain stressors. Today Your Legal Corner will share “3 important tips for caregivers.” Someone once said, no matter what type of… Read More »

5 Steps To Consider In A Personal Injury Case

Today Your Legal Corner will share “5 Steps to consider in a personal injury case.” In recent years, my husband has become quite the handyman, fixing anything from replacing old wooden boards on our once pristine deck to winterizing the engine on our boat. However, when he decided to purchase a chainsaw to remove a… Read More »

Two Important Tips When Faced With Aggressive Drivers

Don’t let aggressive driving ruin your ride on a beautiful day. Here are two tips to follow when facing an aggressive driver. Today Your Legal Corner will share “Two important tips when faced with aggressive drivers.” Some days are just absolutely beautiful, with just the right temperature and sunny blue skies. Last week, was just… Read More »

7 Tips If You Are In A Car Accident

You’ve been in an accident… now what?Here are 7 tips if you are in a car accident from Your Legal Corner. Today Your Legal Corner will share “7 car accident tips.” I am a glass half full type person, choosing to find the brighter side in every challenging situation. Alternatively, like most people, I do… Read More »

Safe Driving Tips For Senior Citizens

Driving can become increasingly difficult in your golden years, but there are some tips and resources worth looking into before handing over the keys to your car! Today Your Legal Corner will share “safe driving tips for senior citizens.” Driving is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Just like our health, it… Read More »

A Teenager’s Perspective on Safe Driving

Many teens will be on the road this summer, and some of them for the very first time. This week we hear from one young driver about what safe driving means to him. Today Your Legal Corner will share “a teenager’s perspective on safe driving.” Sometimes when I look back on my younger days, I… Read More »

Child Labor Laws and Summer Employment

For some parents, this summer will bring with it their teen’s first job hunt. This is a particularly exciting milestone, but there are some child labor laws parents should be aware of. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “child labor laws and summer employment.” If you have children, than guaranteed you have heard the plea-Mom/Dad,… Read More »

Can Your Family File a Worker’s Comp Claim After Your Death?

We work hard to support ourselves and our loved ones, but not always without certain work hazards. This week, Your Legal Corner talks about dependents being covered under workers compensation claims in the event of your untimely demise. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “workers’ comp settlement after death.” Are you considered the multifaceted breadwinner… Read More »

Workers Compensation Claim for Stress Related Injury

If you are experiencing severe symptoms of stress from your job it may be possible to seek out a workers comp claim. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “employee stress and workers compensation.” In this hectic, multitasking world in which we live, stress is unavoidable. However, when it comes to stress, we are not all… Read More »

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