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Estate Creditors and Claims Against an Estate

To lessen the burden whilst dealing with an estate matter, it is important to be aware of how the creditors of an estate are to be paid. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “estate creditors.” There is nothing more painful than the loss of a loved one. It is often during this time, when we… Read More »

The Top Reasons to Register a Will

You’ve finished creating your will and have signed the dotted line; find out why you may not be officially finished creating a will just yet. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “the reasons to register a will.” After spending a wonderful Valentine weekend with my children, I felt a little melancholy, even sad, wondering where… Read More »

Estate Tax Consequences After a Death

Tax season is upon us, but unless you’re a well versed accountant, putting together the pieces to the puzzle can be confusing. Your Legal Corner helps clarify some concerns regarding estate taxes. Today Your Legal Corner will provide information on “death and tax consequences.” Benjamin Franklin is credited with the famous saying, “In this world,… Read More »

Making An Organ Donor Pledge

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…why not give the gift of life? YLC discusses the ins and outs of becoming an organ donor. Today Your Legal Corner will provide information on making an organ donor pledge. Last week, I had the humbling personal experience of learning just how much I relied on my computer to… Read More »

Young Children & Estate Planning – Naming a Legal Guardian

Protecting your children is a full time job, but who will do it when you’re gone? Your Legal Corner discusses naming a guardian in your will. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Young children and estate planning.” Just as the birth of a child is one of the best reasons to create a will, the… Read More »

3 Important Tips to Consider When Adult Children are Estate Beneficiaries

You’ve worked hard to get where your are, but leaving equity for your children may be more complicated than you think. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “3 Important Tips When Adult Children Are Estate Beneficiaries.” Grandmom had a saying, which was also echoed by my father in a humorous way when it came to… Read More »

Steps to Creating a Valid Will

The content you wish to choose to leave behind in your will must be written clearly in order to ensure a valid will that will be easily understood. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “Steps to Creating a Valid Will.” What has become evident as a result of the recent terror attacks in Paris or… Read More »

When To Review Or Create A Will

Today Your Legal Corner will discuss “When To Review Or Create A Will.” You’ve got big plans for 2015. Find out why creating a will should be one of them. Some folks relish the solitude of winter, accepting it as a time of quiet reflection. Others, like myself, choose instead to think of warmer times…. Read More »

The Most Important Estate Planning Tool for 2015

This week Your Legal Corner provides you with the most important estate planning tool for 2015. Click the image above to download your free Estate Planning Inventory Packet. Today Your Legal Corner will discuss the Inventory Packet, the most important estate planning tool for 2015. The New Year is an exciting time. It’s when we… Read More »

Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Today Your Legal Corner will provide information on “Five Steps to Guard Against Domestic Violence.” No longer is domestic violence a family matter that individuals must work out privately. Crimes involving pro football players in the NFL have finally put a well-justified spotlight on domestic violence. Recent incidents have demonstrated that domestic violence does not… Read More »

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