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Tips To Decrease The Cost Of Divorce

A lot is at stake when it comes to a divorce, but there are a few ways that may help minimize your total cost. Here are a few tips to help try and decrease the cost of divorce. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Tips to decrease the cost of divorce.” It seems each week… Read More »

Living Wills: Not just for Senior Citizens

No matter what your age, find out why it is never a bad time to create a living will to protect the best interests of you and your family should you become injured or fall ill. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Living Wills: Not just for Senior Citizens.” Veteran’s Day was celebrated this past… Read More »

Shoplifting – Is it worth the price?

Black Friday and the Holiday Shopping Season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, studies show that 1 out of every 11 shoppers have stolen before. Find out in this week’s article why the cost of stealing merchandise far exceeds it’s price tag. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Shoplifting – Is it worth the price?” The… Read More »

Obey The Rules Of The Road During The Holidays

Over 42 million people will be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday. Follow these tips to help ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and the police officers who patrol our roads during this busy time of year. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Police and Motor Vehicle Stops.” Thanksgiving is right around the corner and… Read More »

How to find out if your spouse is hiding assets during a divorce

Do you think your spouse is hiding cash or other assets during your divorce proceedings? With the help of your attorney, consider these tips to uncover your fair share. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Discovering hidden assets in a divorce.” Halloween is more than ” trick or treat.” As the weather cools, pumpkins become… Read More »

What You Need To Know About Adoption In N.J.

Adoption is a great way to start or grow a family. If you’re considering adopting, take a look at these insights on the legal process of adoption in this week’s Your Legal Corner. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Adoption.” Families are extremely important in our society. They are the foundation for instilling values to… Read More »

How To Move Forward After A Divorce

No one plans on getting a divorce after being married. However, if you’re one of the many Americans who have been or are getting divorced, here are some very important planning tips to consider. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Moving forward after a divorce.” Most people have a difficult time dealing with change. Sometimes… Read More »

Domestic Violence: What you need to know about filing a complaint

Most cases of domestic violence go completely unreported. This week, Your Legal Corner discusses how to protect yourself against acts of abuse by properly filing and documenting each case. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Domestic Violence and the Court System.”    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States.  How serious is this… Read More »

What You Need To Know About Domestic Violence Intervention

Did you know that with every passing minute there are almost 20 people abused by their spouse or partner? October is Domestic Violence Awareness month…join us this week as we discuss some warning signs of domestic abuse and what you can do to help. Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss the social and legal issues… Read More »

How To Expunge Your Record In NJ

Did you know that over 65 million Americans have a criminal record? Even some of the more minor legal infractions can carry with it a record that could deter potential employers from hiring you.  Today, Your Legal Corner will discuss “Employment and Expungements.” One of my favorite all time television shows is Seinfeld. Although it… Read More »

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